Build our own Etherium blockchain with post updates?

If we had our own social network / information repository that was hosted on our own etherium blockchain, then our “nodes” (all local to the GAIA network?) would be up to date, right up to a power outage.

Then, even during a power and network outage, we could run our computers for as long as they have power and check things like up to date lists of resources or any information posts that were posted before the outages.


How would something similar be done more traditionally? rsync run via a local cron job to build a local copy of a shared directory?

One could build a PWA that cached information in browsers locally, and use a service worker to push updates to the cached data even while the browser was closed.

There would be limits on the amount of data that could be cached and for how long, but if one only cached text and was smart about what to prioritize, I think there would be sufficient space to do much.

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I got bitten hard by a Service Worker not that long ago.

An entire domain name was unusable until I’d learned how to get the SW to be overwritten with a new one.

The web has evolved these last 30 years!

Hi Stephen. just getting used to this format. Hardly understand a thing you posted. I
wonder if I should be so interested. For those who do understand, keep it up. P

Paul? Is that Ginga?

In a nutshell; Christian proposed a way to have Galiano community updates and [emergency] information in a form that could be taken offline. I proposed another method.

But I think this conversation probably falls under the heading “casual speculation”. I only really responded because Christian opened up a conversation on a technical topic and I can’t help but join in and nerd out.