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I keep trying to leave and it never works. I will always try again for Avi though! How do we keep this going when we all still find ourselves back at FB for our other groups/events/etc.? That’s what always traps me.


Well it only took 1 minutes to make an account. I’m game to try.

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Well, if we start locally and keep it up it can spread, FB wasn’t created in one day. And we have to be on top of the info posted through all following the guidelines.

is it the Discord App we use on our phones/Tablets?

No, confusingly, Discord and Discourse are two totally separate things. There does seem to be a “Discourse Hub” app for the phone but it also works fine on mobile browsers.


I’m really interested to see how this works. FB, while useful, is in many ways destructive to communities, especially small ones. I love the emphasis on civil discussion.


I’ll miss all the Viagra ads on Facebook, though… :smiley:

I agree and was totally happy today to receive a weekly update; reminded me to get a look. P