How can categories be added?

Here’s my suggestions for a set of categories…

Events (things you can do at a specific time)
Buy, Sell, Free Stuff (for the exchange of goods and services by private individuals)
Ads (for businesses to bring attention to their wares and offerings)
Activities (things you can do by yourself, whenever)
Travel (rides, by land, sea or air, do we still do this?)
Oddball (for those weird things that are oh so very “Galiano”)
Politics and Activism (so those who don’t want to read that stuff can avoid it :wink: )

Add: food and beverage, jobs

I’ve added a few of these - I think it’s better to keep the set small for now so that things aren’t too fragmented.


Oh… and Nature/Animals/Wildlife/Biodiversity

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A “lost and found” category could be useful!

Not a tonne of plugins here (Plugin directory | Discourse - Civilized Discussion) but at least it’s open source and we could write some.

Here’s my first wish… make a calendar view for the posts in the Events category with two types of events: a) one offs and b) repeating weekly.