Should these posts be visible to anonymous browsers?

What are your thoughts on whether these posts should be visible by anonymous (not logged in people)? (reply with your thoughts?)

Perhaps it is possible to tag Topics as one way or the other?

I think for a community based board, it makes sense to keep them private to the community, not visible to those without an account, but then it makes it slightly harder to get people to sign up.

I also think that it makes no sense to hope for restrictions for posts to be only seen by a subset of the community.

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this seems related… one group for all accounts?

I vote you have to sign in to see the posts - no anonymous access.

I think it should be private – that was one of my biggest qualms with Galiano X, that it was public to the world, and people share soooooo much private information there as if it’s just for the island.

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I think some of the posts should be public so the site can ‘grow’. Some posts should only show teasers so people can be enticed to join. This is similar to Slack, a great platform but only as good as it’s users and the information they share.